Swarna bhasma for sexual stamina and body strength

Swarna bhasma for sexual stamina and body strength

Swarna Bhasma, also known as Gold Calyx, is an essential content in ayurveda vaajikaran and rasayan chikitsa. 
Gold goes through many sanskars (procedures) during calcination as mentioned in Ancient Ayurveda texts, this is how  Swarna bhasma is prepared.

Swarna bhasma is mixed with many herbs usually of Rasayan and Vaajikaran to treat :-

*Body weakness,
*Cardiac disorders, 
*Weak body strength, 
* Cancer, 
* Heart diseases,
* Low immunity, 
* Weak mental strength,  *Weak sexual stamina 

As per ayurveda swarna bhasma acts as a Rasayan, Ojovardhak and Balya.
Uses of Swarna Bhasma:-

1) Its an Aprodisiac, very efficient to cure sexual illnesses like premature ejaculation, low sperm count, infertility, erectile dysfunction etc.( thats why its one of the essential ingredient in Vaajikaran treatment, (without swarna bhasma,  Vaajikaran is not possible)

2) Swarna Bhasma is also an antioxidant, it neutralizes toxins in body, and also helps in detoxification. 
Hence it also acts as a blood purifier.

3)Swarna bhasma is a Nervine Tonic and also has Neuroprotective properties. Those who are going through depression, anxiety, isolation, irritability, They should definitely opt for  Swarna Bhasma to cure their  issues effectively.

4) Swarna bhasma has the properties which helps to reduce inflammation in brain tissues. Irritability, insensitivity, low memory and depression.

Its better to take swarna bhasma with ayurveda herbal formulations.


15 to 20 mg once a day before or after meals, as recommended by doctor. 
Self medication could be harmful to body, one should always take it under Ayurveda doctor's guidance...

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