Nightfall is a condition when a male ejaculates in sleep usually in night or early morning. Moreover this problem is getting more and more worse day by day, due to the weakness of nerves and muscles of penis due to excessive masturbation, semen's viscosity thining, hormonal fluctuation.
In this situation, the person might face dizziness, weakness, lethargy, knee pain, backache, weak sexual stamina, infertility, erectile dysfunction and stress also.
Some patients might pass urine along with semen. 
Best way to avoid nightfall is by making some changes in lifestyle and through ayurveda vaajikaran treatment, i could be cured, very efficiently. 
But patient should reduce the following:-
*frequency of excessive masturbation,
* porn images etc.

However, there are some natural ways to cure nightfall  by doing following:-

1) Diet change can prevent nightfall. Acidic, heavy,spicy food should be avoided 

2)Exercise and yoga helps a person to have a good control of their mind, body and soul.By 
doing regular yoga and excercises, nightfall could be avoided. 

3) Meditation is known  to increase concentration, and excessive sexual feelings can be controlled.This helps alot to distract patient from indulging in pornography, excessive masturbation. 
And hence that's how, its very effective to cure nightfall. 

Following are some home remedies to prevent this situation:-

1) Bottle Gourd, due to its cooling effects, it helps in preventing nightfall.Take a cup of Bottle Gourd juice before bedtime. 

2) Two to three pieces of garlic and onions in form of salad should be taken regularly to avoid nightfall. 

3)Take milk with pre-soaked almonds regularly. 
You can also take milk with banana. It also have cooling effects, and helps to control the problem. 

And in case if nightfall still persists, for proper treatment of underlying cause, to cure the issue completely with lost physical and sexual strength, you can also consult through the following link :-

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