Get radiant and flawless skin through ayurveda

Get radiant and flawless skin through ayurveda:-

As per ayurveda beauty of skin is directly linked to your overall health. The glow comes from inside rather than by applying chemical lotions and creams for fairness. 
Whatever nutrients or toxins produced within the body circulates through bloodstream. Toxins which are produced due to imbalance of Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas, circulates via Ras and Rakta dhatu in the body. These toxins actually hampers the glow of your skin.These toxins even have the capability to damage the cells in the organs.
Hence you must start maintaining the balance of Tridoshas to get flawless glow in your skin.

Always keep in mind, that your skin is very much vulnerable to the imbalance in Tridoshas. 

* Excess of Vata dosha may leave your skin dull.
* Excess of Pitta dosha may leave your skin lustureless.
* Excess of Kapha dosha may leave your skin oily, and with clogged pores.   

Remedies to get flawless skin, with balancing Tridoshas :-

1) Drink plenty of water regularly to wash away accumulated toxins.

2) As per an American Journal Of Nutrition, sufficient amount of vitamin C plays very important role to have wrinkle free skin.
Vitamin C promotes the production of collagen and also catalyzes collagen repair. 
Glutathione pills/ Glutathione tablets, which are seeking attention nowadays work on same phenomenon, as it has Vitamin C as a content. 

2) Avoid Smoking:-

Smoking is responsible for releasing an enzyme, metalloproteinases.
Its responsible for the damage of skin cells.

3) Avoid excess of sugar:-

 Excess amount of sugar may lead to the production of advanced glycation end products. This would be harmful for skin and its collagen. 

4) Exfoliating your skin is important:-

Exfoliate your skin regularly. 
It helps in removing dead cells from the outermost layer of skin, and thus let your skin to breathe.

5) You should have a proper bowel movement and avoid constipation:-

Take a cup of lukewarm water in early morning regularly on empty stomach to have a better bowel movement. 

4) Regular warm oil massage with herbal oils like manjishtha-chandandanadi tailam( which you can prepare by yourself,you can contact for the process of preparation) shows visible results within few days. Oil with the infusion of these herbs has the property of rejuvenating new skin cells, and gives a noticable improvement in your complexion within few days.

5) Prepare your own face packs with herbs like manjishtha, khadir, chandan, neem etc, to nourish and to give a natural glow to your face.
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