How To Enhance Sexual Desire In Women

How To Enhance Sexual Desire In Women:-


Physical and Psychological  factors, are two primary factors on which women's sexual desire is based upon.
Unlike men, sexual desire of women don't necessarily depends on complications like erectile dysfunction. 
In females, desire is more of a combination of physical factors like any disease, infection and psychological factors like emotional issues, stress, emotional uncomfort in relationship with her partner. 

*Age can also be a main reason, for loss of sexual desire in females, especially those who are approaching menopause. 

*For someone it could be interpersonal issue, low emotional support through her partner whereas for other it could be due to underlying medical condition.
Its very important to discuss complete medical history with your doctor for proper treatment in right direction. 
Dicuss the issues with your doctor along with your partner. 

*Unhealthy diet is also a reason for low sexual desire in females. 
Proper diet can also boost sexual desire in women. Diet rich in fibers, grains, fruits, vegetables, low fat can be very effective to cure low sexual desire in women. 

*Job Stress, family stress, influences through media, all of them play important role in influencing sexual desire in women. A woman's sexual need doesn't just depends upon physical needs, but also on her emotional aspect as well.

*Low estrogen levels, hormonal imbalance is also responsible for low sexual desire in women. Low estrogen causes dryness of vagina, which makes intercourse uncomfortable, and thus reduces the desire. 
Estrogen is also available in pills, gels, vaginal creams, suppositories etc. But always consult a doctor before taking any estrogen or hormonal therapy. 

*Excess of smoking and alcohol consumption is also a cause for reduced sexual desire in women. You need to avoid them to boost your sexual desire.

Herbs to treat low sexual desire in women:-

1) Asparagus/ Shatavari:-

It balances sexual hormones in females and improves reproductive health. It's one of the best herb for improving sexual desire in women. 

2) Ashwagandha:-

Ashwagandha is also very effective to boost libido and sexual desire in women. It also cures frequent miscarriages, infertility in women. 

3) Ashoka tree bark:-

Ashoka tree bark corrects the hormonal imbalance in females. Also highly recommend to cure loss of libido in females. 

Ayurveda therapy to cure low sexual desire in women:-


Shirodhara is panchkarma treatment in ayurveda for depression, stress, anxiety.
It also improves functioning of Hypothalamus and Pituitary glands, which are responsible for producing and commanding all body hormones.
Loss of sexual desire due to stress or hormonal issues, can be very effectively cured through Shirodhara therapy. 

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