Low Sperm Count And Ayurveda

Low Sperm Count And Ayurveda

During ejaculation when semen doesn't have appropriate amount of sperm in it, this condition signifies Low Sperm Count. 
This condition is also called Oligospermia. Zero sperm or  no sperm in semen is known as Azoospermia. 
Those who are having sperm count lower than 20 millions, in each ml of semen, are considered under low sperm count. 
It leads to low chances of fertility or even make a person infertile.

Low Sperm Count as per ayurveda:-

In ayurveda situation of low sperm count is known as "Shukranu Alpata". This issue is very common nowadays due to stress, unhealthy food habits, excessive masturbation, porn addiction. 

Symptoms of Oligospermia:-

1) Infertility.
2) Testicular pain.
3) Erectile dysfunction. 
4) Dilated veins in scrotum. 
5) Burning while urination. 

How ,one can avoid this situation:-

1) one should maintain a gap of atleast 3 days between consecutive ejaculation. 
Excessive masturbation, makes your semen less dense.

2) Alcohol and smoking cause negative effects on sperm production. Avoid them.

3) High Protein, low fat diet, more veggies, whole grain diet is good for sperm production.

4) Excess of weight should be reduced , because it can cause testosterone and estrogen hormonal imbalance.

5) Relax your body and mind through regular practice of Yoga and Meditation. 

6) Vaajikaran treatment, which is extremely effective to cure Azoospermia, Oligospermia should be taken regularly for one to three months to cure this issue.

7) Temperature of scrotum should ideally be lesser than 4 degrees cooler... than the temperature of body, so avoid bathing in hot water.

Ayurveda Herbs to cure Azoospermia, Oligospermia:-

As per Ancient ayurveda texts like "Charak  Samhita" The herbs which are meant to provide strength, energy, stamina to a male like that of a horse, comes under Vaajikaran herbs.

Mentioning few of them here, to cure low sperm count:-
1) Shatavari 
2) Ashwagandha
3) Safed Musli
4) Taalmakhana
5) Shilajit 

In case if condition still persists, for proper Ayurveda treatment of underlying cause and to regain lost physical and sexual strength, you can also consult through the following link:- 

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