Premarital Sexual Assessment

Premarital Sexual Assessment

Wedding is the foundation for a strong and happy married life. Wedding is considered as the most important day of their lives.But the most important part of this is, assessing your sexual abilities...In case if you are not aware of these techniques, then you would need an expert guidance, in that case you can proceed to consult a sexologist. 
Because checking your sexual health is one of the most important task, and nothing tops it on the priority list. 
If you are still confused, whether to visit a sexologist or not then here, listing some points which are mandatory to be assessed, to judge your sexual well being before wedding.

Mandatory points, for sexual assessment:-

1) make sure to assess your sexual abilities to perform. 

2) Make sure, if you are fertile for your parenting future.(sperm analysis test would help you in this)

3) Make sure ,none amongst both of you is not suffering from any sexually transmitted disease. Without any hesitation, this point has to cleared, and definitely cured on priority basis.

4) make sure your sexual performance is not unsatisfactory or embarrassing for the first time, after wedding. 

5) Monitor properly, whether you are not suffering from premature ejaculation...or quick ejaculation of semen..because this could be embarrassing during your post wedding days.

6) Monitor properly, the wellness of your erection. 
Unsatisfactory erections, might create an embarrassing situation.
Do not jump into, any fast acting medicines like viagra, because it's loaded with many side effects. 

Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea, shrinkage of penis, if you are suffering from any of these, then it should be cured ON PRIORITY.
Because most of the weddings could see a  failure just because of these unsatisfactory sexual conditions. These illnesses could be a cause of separation in future. So it needs to be cured first.

Once cured, you can plan for your wedding with complete enthusiasm and confidence...

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