Say Goodbye to Backache Through Ayurveda

Say Goodbye to Backache Through Ayurveda:-

Lower back ache is one of the common complaints in people nowadays.

Common Causes:-
* improper sitting posture.
* old age
* heavy weight lifting 
* injury to back
* calcium and vitamin D deficiency. 

As per ayurveda, backache is known as Prishtasula/ Katigraha, which is mainly caused due to vitiated Vata Dosha. So reducing Vata Dosha is the main line of treatment to cure backache, as per Ayurveda. 

Few remedies to cure backache:-

1) Always take food, before it gets cool down:-

Eating cold food, cold drinks, increases vata dosha in body, which is responsible for pain.

2) Don't take much of spicy food:-

Pungent spices like green or red chillies can cause internal dryness, constipation, which in turn elevates vata dosha. So if you are suffering from backache then avoid taking spicy food.

3) Padahastasana:-

To practice this asana stand upright, with your feet beside each other,lift both of your arms (while inhaling) ,over your head till they touch your ears. Bend forward from your back while exhaling and  keep the back and your legs straight. Touch the floor or grasp your calves with hands. Bring your head as close as possible to knees, hold for 10 seconds. Inhale and slowly come back to upright position. Very effective to relieve Sciatica pain also.

4) Topical oil massage(abhyanga) with warm mahanarayan tailam is also very effective. 

5) Basti chikitsa( Medicated enema) :- 

Oil containing infusion of herbs like Dashmool, Nirgundi, Ashwagandha, Harshringar, given in a form of enema, have shown great results to cure backache. One should always go for this treatment,  for faster recovery.

6) Hebs like Nirgundi, dashmoola, guggulu, harshringar, also cure backache effectively with no side effects. 

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